Monday, May 5, 2008

Girls Day in the Country

As you have probably read on some other blogs about 100 women converged on the small town of Nundle in NSW for the Girls Day in the Country hosted by Kerry Swain of Cottage on the Hill.

The two guests for the day were Rosalie Quinlan & Leanne Beasley.

Here is a pic of them with Janelle Wind:

It was a fantastic weekend where I got to meet some other bloggers in real life. After I got home one of the girls called me to see if I got home OK and my son said "So they are real people then, not imaginary" LOL. He calls the people I chat to on the net my imaginary friends LOL - not any more!

It was an almost 6 hour drive for me but a pleasant drive.

I headed up to Nundle on Friday.
This is Kerry's shop on her property:

When I got there we visited Kerry's shop and made a few purchases and chatted about how exciting Saturday was going to be. When we got to Kerry's shop we were surprised to meet Janelle Wind there, who had also come up to join in the fun. You must pop over to Janelle's blog to check out her new quilt which will be a block of the month. It is absolutely gorgeous! It is beautiful to see in real life.

On friday evening Kerry put on soup and damper for those who wanted to come and meet before the big day.

Most of us bloggers were staying in the pub.

Here we all are:

Leanne Beasley, chookyblue, Janelle Wind, Bloom, Day-days, Gai (no blog), Jellywares, Rosie, dragonflycrafts, living in paradise, lzilulu, me on the end and Happy in Quilting in the front.

Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day but we were more excited about what was going on in the hall LOL

Kerry and her ladies had done a magnificent job of decorating the hall and we each got a goodie bag with a stitchery kit from Leanne and an applique kit from Rosalie, as well as some other goodies.

Leanne's project:

I decided to do the needleturn applique as I have never done this before so it was good to learn how to do something new.

The day was fantastic, with lots of talking, laughing, eating and of course stitching!!

Leanne & Chookyblue:

Throughout the day Kerry gave out lucky door prizes and I scored one of the major prizes of a bundle of 37 fat quarters of fabric called Bees Knees. It is lovely colours, I was a very happy vegemite LOL

That night over 20 of us had dinner at the pub and were joined by Leanne & Rosie. It was a great night, although very cold as you can see by the photo. We couldn't all fit in the dining room so we ate on the upstairs verandah of the pub and the owner brought us a load of blankets to wrap ourselves in LOL

Many partied on into the night, not me though, I headed off for an early night after not getting much sleep the night before due to a biker couple having a domestic dispute at 2am in the room next door!!!

Oh we also shared the town with a Motorcycle club for the weekend!!

Sunday dawned sunny again and after another lovely bacon & egg breakfast we headed back on out to Kerry's before leaving. I think a few people were feeling a bit under the weather this morning LOL

After making some more purchases at Kerry's I headed back for the 6 hour drive home. Here is a pic of some fabric I bought called Day in the Country, very appropriate LOL

I also bought some of this - Posh by Moda:

Different from my usual style but I just love these new ranges.

It was a wonderful weekend, met some wonderful people. Kerry did a fantastic job of putting the whole weekend together, she put in a lot of hard work and it all went very well on the day.

Thank you to the blogger and Narromine girls who made me feel very welcome as part of their group. Can't wait until next time!!!

Click on the link below to my Picasa album for more pics:


Vickie said...

wow Anita,what a wonderful weekend you have had and wow what a great win all that fabric hmmm...and them fabrics you bought are very nice -can't wait to see what you make,
cheers Vickie

Ginger and Pickles said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I got to meet Roselle a few weeks ago, isnt she so inspiring. Im making the same needle turn cushion as you!!!

Sew Prim Khris said... are a lucky girl winnig those fq's...and those other buys are just gorgeous Anita. Like you not my norm but I would have brought them too...hugs

Lissa Jane said...

I am so pooped I didn't get to go to this weekend.. I had planned on it, but changed my mind cause I am going to Perth next week (didn't want to push the friendship with the dagster).. my auntie even lives in Nundle, so cheapo accomodation! Next year, you can pick me up on your way through, you would of drove right past my exit on the freeway!

aka the green eyed monster!

Anonymous said...

Oh Anita, it was so wonderful to meet you and I'm glad you found our group entertaining and you didn't feel like you were on your own. Gotta love those "imaginative friends". Can't wait til next year.
Keep in touch
Hugs Fiona

Chookyblue...... said...

I am just so pleased you took the plung and tripped away with us for the don't need friends to sew with you have us.....and I love your post......Jelly and I were discussing on the way home how we could have snavelled that bundle of are so lucky and I love the bits of other fabrics you got also.......

Karen Mallory said...

What a fabulous weekend you had Anita! Makes it worth the 6 hr drive. Lovely fabrics you won and bought. I do love so many of those Moda lines!
hugs Karen

Lorraine said...

what a great weekend....!!! and worth the drive I would think....I am heading over to Victoria in September for a stitching camp....not sure about the camping bit but the rest of the weekend should be a blast!!

Day-Day said...

Great to meet you in real life. What a weekend.

Lorraine said...

....and have you signed up for the cyber stitching day with Karen (aka Mrs Martin)? sooo looking forward to that!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

We did have the best was such a pleasure to have met you and I look forward to the next time we can get together...xx

Jo Jo said...

Sounds like you all had a fantastic time!!! Sooo jealous. I would love to learn needleturn as well...dont know why i feel so intimidated by it. Probably because everyone elses looks great!

Janelle Wind said...

It was a wonderful weekend wasn't it!! I too am glad you made the trip all that way too - it was great meeting you and I can't wait to do it again next year.

I love all of your photos of Nundle too, just gorgeous! Look forward till next time we meet x Janelle

Sharon-NZ said...

Just awesome Anita, love the pictures, love the fabric, so glad you had a great time, good on you girl....

Anonymous said...