Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

A couple of weeks ago I told my family that the alternate Fridays that I do not go to work, was going to be my sewing day. I would be doing no housework or running errands for anyone that day. It was my day to sew.

So yesterday was the first one. Craig decided to stay up the night before until 4am surfing the net so did not get up until 11am! All my sewing gear is in the bedroom so I could not get any of it out until he got up. I supppose I could have just gone in there and opened the blinds so I could see and start rummaging around making a lot of noise but I am too nice for that LOL

So I just had to do some hand stitching. Have finished this stitchery off for a swap. Can't show the whole thing yet!

Craig took me out for lunch to make up for messing up my plans LOL


Chookyblue...... said...

well at least he took you to lunch to make up for it but I would have snuck in and got some

Jo Jo said...

So he should! I hate it when I need to do housework and Mark is home...even if he is just watching TV it drives me crazy. I like to do it when no one is home so there is no interuptions and I can play the music I like...and as loud as I like! I am mean...I would have woken him up for sure. Lol! Jo

Vickie said...

Oh Anita.c'mon honey don't plan anything LOL...just do it..oopsy sorry Craig what you were sleeping arghhh did not notice you there hehehe...just as well he took you for lunch eh...BTW the stitchery looks beautiful,
cheers Vickie