Monday, November 22, 2010

A present for a friend...

I am very privelaged to be part  of a Yahoo group called CRAFT ( Creating Really Amazing Friends Together), and you couldn't ask for a more lovely bunch of ladies. The group leader is Khris and she does a great job of keeping us all in line LOL
A couple of months ago a group of the girls decided to put together a quilt for Khris as a thank you for keeping our group together and being a wonderful friend to us all.
Sharon in New Zealand designed and put the quilt together from blocks that we all sent in and did a fantastic job of quilting it as well.
All of this was done without Khris's knowledge and Naomi presented Khris with the quilt the other day - here is a pic of Khris with her special quilt!!
Pop over to Sharon's blog for her story of making the quilt.
Thanks so much Sharon for all your hard work!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gorgeous Giveaway!!

Pop over to Retromummy for a giveaway of Rosalie Quinlan's beautiful new fabric Sweet Broderie.

Maybe I shouldn't have told you all - less chance of me winning!! LOL


Thursday, November 4, 2010

A litte drive to Robertson.............

 On Monday I took my parents and aunty & uncle (visiting from UK) for a drive down to Roberston in the Southern Highlands to the Robertson Pie shop. The weather at home was a bit overcast and a bit muggy but by the time we got down there it was 13deg and the clouds were so low we could hardly see in front of us!
The funny thing is we came here 3 years ago and the weather was exactly the same!! LOL
But we had a lovely day out together, catching up.

We visited the Cheese shop while we were in Robertson, but is a bit of a gourmet foodies market now with exorbitant prices. Some of the cheeses were $100 per kilo!!
My relatives could not believe these prices as they live in France for part of the year and get gourmet cheese at very low prices.
But it was a lovely shop and this was the view from the inside out of one of the windows, I thought it was quite pretty with the lavender outside the window.

Unfortunately the collectables store wasn't open as it was a Monday.

We drove down the mountain to the coast thinking it might be a bit clearer down there but it was raining so we couldn't do much sight seeing. Another day!


I decided to make another tablerunner, one from this pattern, which says "Runners designed for 5"charm squares".
Great, I thought, don't have a lot of time, nice and easy, hardly any cutting.
Well , first instruction is to cut all the charm squares down to 4 1/2" charm squares!!
So why didn't it just say you need 4 1/2" squares not 5" ones!
I am assuming that it is a marketing ploy as they know us quilters love our 5"charm square packs!
So while I love this pattern and it came together really easily (after all the cutting), please take note Ms Tablerunner Designer, please be honest next time and put the REAL requirements on the pattern packet.
That is all.