Monday, September 28, 2015

Wednesday 12th August 2015

We landed at Heathrow, London at 5.55am - too early! There was a bit of drizzle around but we were hoping that would pass.
Our aim for today was to stay awake as long as we could to try to avoid some jet lag. We had booked a Private Taxi to take us from Heathrow direct to our hotel - well worth the money as it was much easier than wrangling suitcases on public transport. As it was quite early we couldn't check in to our hotel but we were able to leave our bags there. So we headed out on foot to Notting Hill Gate where we found Jamie Oliver's Recipease - a kind of kitchenware, bakery, cafe place with all things Jamie! 

We ate across the road though at a place called Le Pain de Quotidien - The Daily Bread - which I have just discovered have a few outlets in Sydney! Delicious food. Simple but tasty. 

After filling up we walked back towards Kensington Gardens. We walked down this beautiful tree lined street with lots of embassies which was quite interesting. No photos though as there were a few security guards with guns so we weren't sure if it would be ok lol. 

Found Kensington Palace - not a fancy looking building - but hey it is old  - but the grounds were beautiful and it's location in Kensington Gardens in really quite a lovely area in the midst of a big busy city. 

Kept walking and found the Princess Diana Memorial playground and then further on to the memorial fountain. It wasn't a hot day so not many kids paddling in it today. 

Kept walking out of the park and down through some of the Kensington streets - such beautiful terrace homes! And little hidden parks among the houses. 

Then we finally came across Harrods! 

It was crazy busy in here and a bit overwhelming so we just had a bit of a look around the ground floor, and the food halls. Now they were amazing!! 
We then hopped on the Tube and made our way to Elephant & Castle (on the other side of the Thames) so we could visit Metropolitan Tabernacle

This a church that has been running since the 1600's and in the 1800's the actual building was finished. The famous preacher Charles Spurgeon was there in the 1800's and would preach to thousands. The building was partially destroyed by fire in 1898 and then bombed in WW2 but the facade and portico is still original. We had a look in their bookshop and the man there kindly showed us around the actually church interior.
By now fatigue was setting in so we figured out which bus to get us back near our hotel. We decided on a bus as we could just sit and see more, rather than the train this time. Also, when changing trains on the tube, there is a heck of a lot of walking!! Sometimes we felt like we walked a kilometer just trying to get from platform to the next - what a maze!

We crossed over Westminster Bridge

and passed Marble Arch
Back to the hotel 

where we allowed ourselves to have a 2 hr nap - no more or we wouldn't sleep later! 
Of course, I couldn't sleep! But the boys were so sound it was hard to rouse them. 
So after a bit of a freshen up we headed out on foot a couple of streets away

 to the main street of Bayswater where we had a lovely dinner at the Bayswater Arms. 

Delicious fish & chips for me! 
Back to the hotel for a well deserved good night's sleep!


Sorry for the break in posting - i have had the flu since I have been home.
Managed to get back to work last week for a few days but still trying to take it easy.

Posting will resume soon!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tuesday 11th August

Up and out at a decent time and were able to leave our bags at the hotel as we have a late night flight. 

Found a great cafe for breakfast - Marche Movenpick

Tim's breakfast - a bread basket and a cold meat and cheese platter - a bit European!
Craig and I shared a Bircher Muesli and a bread basket - delicious!They also had bowls of apples on the table you could help yourself to - great idea. 

Now we had some sustenance we got a taxi to Mt Faber to get the Cable car to Sentosa Island

We had a little walk around the top of the island and around the Merlion then hopped on the second stage of the Cable car which went across the island and down to Silosa Beach

 If we look hot, that's because we were! It was very hot and humid!

Silosa Beach

 There were these amazing sand sculptures for the Singapore 50 celebrations which were the day before we got there.

 We went into a little shop to get a drink and saw these cans of coke shaped like bottles! They were made and printed especially for the SG50 celebrations.

We stumbled across this Billabong shop down on the beach and they had a sale on which was convenient!

Lunch at one of the nice beach cafes
 Tim's first
 Craig's club sandwich - he said he would just have something light!

My fish burger - I didn't eat any of the bun, but was cheaper to buy this than the fish and chips lol

From the beach we hopped on the free Monorail back to Vivo City shopping mall for a look around the shops then a taxi back to Orchard Rd. Man are there some shopping malls on Orchard Rd!!

 There was even a spotlight!
Back to the hotel to collect our luggage then taxi to the Airport. We checked in to The Haven, a pay per use lounge, where we could have a much needed shower and freshen up after a hot sticky day in Singapore. Worth every cent!
 A big meal at Hard Rock Cafe before hopping on the A380 for the long 13hr trip to London.
 and no I didn't eat it all, gave the bread a flick!

This A380 had a small economy section upstairs which we were lucky enough to get seats in. Much quieter than downstairs and only 2 seats on the side so not as squashy. Flight pretty good, even though it was long.  
Stay tuned!