Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Big Day

About 2 years ago we decided to try to save enough money to do a trip to UK AND France. I have relatives in the UK who also live in France for the summer and we had always dreamed of visiting them in France. A year ago I was offered a promotion at work which enabled the dream to become a reality! So here we are today heading off on our big adventure! 
Here is the view from our hotel at the airport...we are staying here ready for an early morning flight. 

 Craig and Tim enjoying an early morning buffet breakfast at the hotel.

No pictures of me that morning as I was in the bathroom being sick! Sorry for the details lol but I came down with severe nausea and thought I was not going to be able to get on the plane. Thanks to the pharmacy I was able to get some tablets which made me feel much better....phew!

We flew with Singapore airlines and they were fantastic.

Stay tuned for more!