Sunday, June 16, 2013

A month later.....

So we are settling in the new house, lots to do to make it ours but nothing major, just lots of little things    . Still boxes to unpack but they will get done eventually. 
We have bought some new furniture, finally we have some more room for some decent furniture .....the dining suite I have wanted for a long time.

And a display cupboard to put my quilts ( always wanted one of those!) Craig thinks it is for his stuff lol

And the lounge room with my new red shaggy rug...

Yesterday for a bit of a break from all this work I headed into the Quilt show in Darling harbour with some friends.....had a lovely day out........dreaming of getting back into my sewing......and then a nice dinner out afterward. 
I bought the least I have ever bought at the show, probably because I know just how much stuff I already have packed away! I was very proud that no random fat quarters came home with me just because I liked them lol
I did buy 2 small kits and some gadgets, but I did buy this set of lamps as they were a great price and now I have the room for a floor lamp....something that I need as my eyes are getting worse!!

I really enjoyed the day out -thanks to these ladies and my lovely mum who came along as we'll. 
oh and it was great to bump into sorme other bloggers from out of town Kate and Sandy.

Now today I have the worst head spent the day in bed or on the lounge!!

Take care,