Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We are having a bit of a cold snap here this week. Last night it was -2 deg celcius, and tonight it is expected to be colder! This morning it had only reached 0 deg by 9am! It is back down to 2deg c here now at 9pm, so hate to think what is going to be like in the morning. I had better allow extra time in the morning to get the ice off the car. This morning i couldn't hose the car down as the hose was frozen so threw some buckets of water over it, but still had to scrape ice off the windscreen as it wouldn't budge with just the water.
Here are some snaps I took at 7.30am.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sydney Quilt & Craft Fair

Last weekend I went off to the Quilt fair in the city. Sydney certainly put on a gorgeous winter day, but I forgot to get some photos outside LOL

I had the pleasure of meeting up with friends from HERE - Cardygirl and No Blog Tooth Fairy!!!
These girls were some of my room mates from the retreat in Nundle and we are headed to another retreat there in August.

My mum came too and brought her next door neighbour of about 40 years, Carmen. Carmen is a carer for her disabled adult daughter so it was great for her to have a day out enjoying herself. She had a very educational day learning what a Jelly Roll was!!
Here we are enjoying a lovely lunch in an outdoor cafe in Darling Harbour.

There were some absolutely stunning quilts on display here, some amazing work.

There was also a section for "wearable art" of which I just have to show you these two creations. Obviously you need to be more artistic than I am to appreciate these outfits LOL

And lastly my purchases. Now you know I went to The Home Patch in Bathurst last month, well I spent more at their stand here than any other LOL
I bought Anni's new book of bags and some fabric kits for some of the bags. And just a couple of extra patterns that I just had to have!

I also treated myself to an Ott Light and of course just a bit of fabric for good measure!

Since talking to other bloggers since last weekend there a possibility of trying to organise a bloggers get together at next years show. So keep a weekend free in June 2011 and stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Craft & Quilt Fair - Darling Harbour

Is anyone who reads my blog heading to the Craft & Quilt Fair in Darling Harbour next week?


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Long Weekend

Two weeks ago Craig and I took advantage of having the same 3 days off and headed off over the mountains to Bathurst for some R & R.
We stayed in this fantastic new hotel right on the Mount Panorama racetrack.
This is the view from the top of Mount Panorama overlooking the hotel and Bathurst behind it.

This was the view from our room - as I said, right on the racetrack!

Of course while in Bathurst I could not pass up a visit to Hatched & Patched! Fantastic shop, full of lots of yummy fabrics and crafty bits! Unfortunately I didn't take any pics inside and this is the main entrance in the rear of the heritage building.

Remains of the autumn colours:

One day we headed out to Jenolan caves, amazing limestone caves. We didn't go in any caves this visit as we were heading out to do some bushwalking nearby. We had a walk around this beautiful lake and some of the grounds of the caves. The lake is this colour from the limestone particles in the water.

This is called the Grand Arch and the cars drive through here.

We found these toilets built into the caves, quite an experience LOL

Caves House, a historic hotel with lot of amazing original features:

We also visited Kanangra National Park where there were these spectacular views of Kanangra Walls:

After admiring the views from the top we decided to take the walk down to Kanangra Falls. Well I need to remember that if you go down hundreds of very steep and rocky steps to see the falls you then must come back up those same hundreds of very steep and rocky steps!!!
It took us about 10 minutes to get down but over half an hour to get back up! It was very steep and the lungs and legs were burning most of the way!
It was well worth it though the falls were beautiful and there were tracks all around the pools you could get a closer look.
This was a view looking down a small section of the track:

This was the view of a part of the track on the way back up - much steeper than it looks!

So it was lovely to escape the city for a bit of fresh air and no responsibilities! I was hobbling around for most of the next week from sore leg muscles but it was well worth it for the stunning scenery we saw.
Until next time!