Saturday, May 31, 2008


No sewing today, but nice day just the same. The weather has been glorious here through the day, lovely sunny, clear sky days.

Did some tidying up, vacuumed the floors, did 3 loads of washing and a pile of handwashing.

After lunch Craig & I went and saw the new Indiana Jones move, we both enjoyed it!

Had a nice dinner out afterwards, now home reading all my blogs!!

As I have no new sewing pics to show here is a pic of a bag I made for Sharon in New Zealand for a swap in our CRAFT yahoo group (the best yahoo group by far LOL)

No sewing days this week coming, maybe next Saturday...oh well....

Hope you are all having a nice weekend!!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some pics

Here is the pic of the bag that I made on Saturday. I really should have been hemming my new work pants but decided the bag was more attractive than black trousers LOL

This bag was from another blog and I cannot remember which one, sorry! But if you want the instructions I can email them to you. It was really quick & easy and doesn't use much fabric but you can make a bag any size with the technique.

This doll I received from Kate for a swap in our Yahoo group. Thanks Kate, she's really cute!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally, some sewing!

I finally got some sewing done today.

Finished this cushion cover.

and made a bag. Will take a pic of the bag tomorrow in daylight.

Going Retro

I was naughty a couple of weeks ago and did some shopping at this shop. It arrived the other day and here are some pics
Chocolate Lollipop:

Freshcut(I think):

More Posh to add to my collection:

Urban Garden:


Just an update to everyone regarding my post about not getting my BOM's. After leaving mulitple emails all in one day LOL and leaving a message on the store blog, I received another block in the mail. No note of explanation or apolgoy but I then again I didn't expect that .

So to all those others who are waiting, I can only encourage you to persist. However we will see what happens from this month on LOL

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Craft Market

Today mum & I had a lovely day out at the Camden Craft Market.

My friend Gail's stall:

The gorgeous painted goodies I treated myself to:

Had a yummy lunch and chat then had a look in some of the little shops Camden has.

The Best Laid Plans...

A couple of weeks ago I told my family that the alternate Fridays that I do not go to work, was going to be my sewing day. I would be doing no housework or running errands for anyone that day. It was my day to sew.

So yesterday was the first one. Craig decided to stay up the night before until 4am surfing the net so did not get up until 11am! All my sewing gear is in the bedroom so I could not get any of it out until he got up. I supppose I could have just gone in there and opened the blinds so I could see and start rummaging around making a lot of noise but I am too nice for that LOL

So I just had to do some hand stitching. Have finished this stitchery off for a swap. Can't show the whole thing yet!

Craig took me out for lunch to make up for messing up my plans LOL

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Short Break...

Last week after I came home from the stitching retreat, Craig & I headed up the coast for a couple of days.
We went to Old Bar Beach which is just south of Taree on the Mid North Coast of NSW. It was a lovely seaside town, only small which was nice. The resort we stayed in was just gorgeous! It was right on the beachfront.
So we had a lovely couple of days of walking on the beach, eating out LOL, watching movies and doing some sightseeing.

We came home the country road and visited some lovely towns and took in the fantastic scenery.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Girls Day in the Country

As you have probably read on some other blogs about 100 women converged on the small town of Nundle in NSW for the Girls Day in the Country hosted by Kerry Swain of Cottage on the Hill.

The two guests for the day were Rosalie Quinlan & Leanne Beasley.

Here is a pic of them with Janelle Wind:

It was a fantastic weekend where I got to meet some other bloggers in real life. After I got home one of the girls called me to see if I got home OK and my son said "So they are real people then, not imaginary" LOL. He calls the people I chat to on the net my imaginary friends LOL - not any more!

It was an almost 6 hour drive for me but a pleasant drive.

I headed up to Nundle on Friday.
This is Kerry's shop on her property:

When I got there we visited Kerry's shop and made a few purchases and chatted about how exciting Saturday was going to be. When we got to Kerry's shop we were surprised to meet Janelle Wind there, who had also come up to join in the fun. You must pop over to Janelle's blog to check out her new quilt which will be a block of the month. It is absolutely gorgeous! It is beautiful to see in real life.

On friday evening Kerry put on soup and damper for those who wanted to come and meet before the big day.

Most of us bloggers were staying in the pub.

Here we all are:

Leanne Beasley, chookyblue, Janelle Wind, Bloom, Day-days, Gai (no blog), Jellywares, Rosie, dragonflycrafts, living in paradise, lzilulu, me on the end and Happy in Quilting in the front.

Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day but we were more excited about what was going on in the hall LOL

Kerry and her ladies had done a magnificent job of decorating the hall and we each got a goodie bag with a stitchery kit from Leanne and an applique kit from Rosalie, as well as some other goodies.

Leanne's project:

I decided to do the needleturn applique as I have never done this before so it was good to learn how to do something new.

The day was fantastic, with lots of talking, laughing, eating and of course stitching!!

Leanne & Chookyblue:

Throughout the day Kerry gave out lucky door prizes and I scored one of the major prizes of a bundle of 37 fat quarters of fabric called Bees Knees. It is lovely colours, I was a very happy vegemite LOL

That night over 20 of us had dinner at the pub and were joined by Leanne & Rosie. It was a great night, although very cold as you can see by the photo. We couldn't all fit in the dining room so we ate on the upstairs verandah of the pub and the owner brought us a load of blankets to wrap ourselves in LOL

Many partied on into the night, not me though, I headed off for an early night after not getting much sleep the night before due to a biker couple having a domestic dispute at 2am in the room next door!!!

Oh we also shared the town with a Motorcycle club for the weekend!!

Sunday dawned sunny again and after another lovely bacon & egg breakfast we headed back on out to Kerry's before leaving. I think a few people were feeling a bit under the weather this morning LOL

After making some more purchases at Kerry's I headed back for the 6 hour drive home. Here is a pic of some fabric I bought called Day in the Country, very appropriate LOL

I also bought some of this - Posh by Moda:

Different from my usual style but I just love these new ranges.

It was a wonderful weekend, met some wonderful people. Kerry did a fantastic job of putting the whole weekend together, she put in a lot of hard work and it all went very well on the day.

Thank you to the blogger and Narromine girls who made me feel very welcome as part of their group. Can't wait until next time!!!

Click on the link below to my Picasa album for more pics:

Advice Please

Last August I signed up for a Block of the Month with a store for a 10 month program. So far I have only received 4 instalments, 3 of which I have had to chase up.
The last time I received something was early February so I am now waiting again.
The problem is that the store is basically uncontactable. My emails go unanswered, messages via the contact form on their website go unanswered, and phone messages go unanswered. The store is still up and running. I have ordered from them in the past and their service is excellent however that obviously doesn't seem to carry over to their BOM's.
Now I am not out of pocket as the monthly payments are not taken unless the pattern is sent, but I now have part of a wallhanging/quilt that I can't complete as the patterns are part of a set.

So I am after advice.
Should I:
- Contact the designer as her pattern is being promoted but store is not following through with obligation?
- Cut my losses and give up?
- Any other advice???

So if you have had a bad experience with a BOM, please contact me for any ideas of what to do next.

Sorry to put my gripe out here in a public forum but I am at a loss at what to do next.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

All packed and ready to go....

Well the bags are packed, the winter warmies are ready to go....I am off to Nundle for a Stitch in with the wonderful and talented Leanne Beasley and Rosalie Quinlan. It has been organised by Kerry from Cottage on the Hill.

I am so excited about going and I will be getting to meet some bloggers whose blogs I read. I was just catching up on blogs now and found a couple of others who are going. It is going to be great getting to meet all these talented people!

So off to bed for me now as I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow all by my lonesome!

Take care everyone and see some of you tomorrow!!


PS - The slippers are to take to Nundle. We have been told to bring our slippers as it can get cold there and there will be prizes for the most interesting, so I decided that my boring ugg boots needed some jazzing up LOL!!!


I AM NUTS!!! At least that is what my family keep telling me.


Well who else does this to their slippers....

See, i told you I was nuts..... but then you all knew that anyway LOL