Monday, May 5, 2008

Advice Please

Last August I signed up for a Block of the Month with a store for a 10 month program. So far I have only received 4 instalments, 3 of which I have had to chase up.
The last time I received something was early February so I am now waiting again.
The problem is that the store is basically uncontactable. My emails go unanswered, messages via the contact form on their website go unanswered, and phone messages go unanswered. The store is still up and running. I have ordered from them in the past and their service is excellent however that obviously doesn't seem to carry over to their BOM's.
Now I am not out of pocket as the monthly payments are not taken unless the pattern is sent, but I now have part of a wallhanging/quilt that I can't complete as the patterns are part of a set.

So I am after advice.
Should I:
- Contact the designer as her pattern is being promoted but store is not following through with obligation?
- Cut my losses and give up?
- Any other advice???

So if you have had a bad experience with a BOM, please contact me for any ideas of what to do next.

Sorry to put my gripe out here in a public forum but I am at a loss at what to do next.


Lzi said...

This is so frustrating isn't it? I had a similar experience and eventually pulled out and cut my losses so to speak. What BOM are you (trying) to do? Another problem I had was some yucky fabrics and like you, the supplier never returned calls or emails and I ended up substituting the fabric....such an extra expense!No wonder I am reluctant to sign up for anymore BOMs...and there are some beautiful ones out Janelle Wind's new one... :>(
lzi xox

Lissa Jane said...

is the fabric a newish range?? you could perhaps find another quilt shop doing this as a BOM and buy the remaining patterns and substitute the fabrics, yes its a pain, but I guess its the best thing I can offer in way of advice. I know the shop you are talking of, and someone has taken them to dept of fair trading over this.. they have been let down.. she does have a blog and seems to update that, so might be worth leaving her a message there or sending her a registered letter (she has to sign for it) at least she can't say she didn't hear from you... good luck!

Sew Prim Khris said...

How disappointing Anita. Its so hard to know what to do. Maybe as Lissa said contact them through their blog to see if they respond. How unfair of them and unprofessional. Hopefully they will wake up if you make contact through the blog...good luck..hugs

Chookyblue...... said...

hmmm will wait and see what people write here.........

Jo Jo said...

I bet I know what store this is??? I agree it is very frustrating...I am in a similar situation. Not happy Jan!!

Sharon-NZ said...

Well I also know what store this is Anita, the comment on the blog seemed to do the trick, try that and see. Its a shame as it has put me off purchasing anything else from the store in question.

trelly said...

I signed up for two BOM in Honeysuckle Cottage...4 months ago. I did'nt receive the block, I sent them few emails but I hadn't answer...There are more women in the same situation in Spain.