Saturday, June 21, 2008

At last!!!

Our car got a much needed wash today - AND WITH A HOSE!!!

Here in Sydney we have just had our water restrictions eased a little and we are now allowed to use a hose to wash our cars. Amazing how something like that could get us so excited LOL

Doing it with buckets is such a chore and definitely used more water.

Happy Cyber Stitching Day!!

Well there are certainly a lot of Cyber Stitchers out there! I bet Karen didn't realise how popular it would be.

Here is a pic of our goody parcel for the Cyber Stitchers day, can't wait to get stuck into some of these gorgeous stitcheries!! I won't be doing any of it today, I am going to set aside a day to sew with my mum (she joined up too) in the next couple of weeks as she is away at the moment.

The Cyber Stitching day has been organised by Mrs Martins Quilt Shop - pop over to her blog for more pics and info. By the way it is a great blog to keep up with at any time, has some great products and the service is always friendly!!

Take a look at Peg's blog for pics of the Cyber Stitching party she is hosting today.

I did do some stitching last night, a little stitchery called "Simple Stitchings - Flower Petals" by Hatched & Patched, a little kit I bought at Kerry's shop at Nundle.

And lastly LOL just some pics of a sunriseI snapped one morning last week when I was up early LOL

Monday, June 9, 2008

This weekend...

Saturday we had some errands to do so only had a little bit of time to play with my machine. But I tried out the blanket stitch and it is great!
So on Sunday I managed to do some healing hearts for some people on our Yahoo group.

Today Craig & I went to Glenbrook, a little village at the start of the Blue Mountains. It is only about a 40min drive. We had a stroll around and looked in some of the shops that were open. Found a great shop called Candleberries that had candles (of course LOL) and great Prim/Americana crafty gifts. I was sooo in my element!! I have never seen stuff like this for sale here in Sydney anywhere or anywhere else I have been. The lady in the shop was telling us they go to the US and source all their stock direct from there. I was good and only bought some little candles and a old fashioned tin candle holder. This is a pic from a website.
I made a point of letting Craig know that they do gift vouchers!!! LOL

We then had lunch in a great cafe - penne with pesto, spinach & bacon - yummo!!

And then went for a bit of a walk to walk off our lunch.

The views:

A splash of red among the greens & browns -

And I suppose these are some type of wild mushrooms but they were a pumpkin orange colour!

Home now for some homemade soup I put in the crockpot this morning!

Jelly Roll

Last week I got my first Jelly roll!! I bought it from Oztion for less than I have seen them for in any stores. It is the Moda Swell range. Sorry about the second pic being blurry, I tried to use the macro and it came out like that, not sure what I did wrong.

Pay It Forward

Last week I received my PIF parcel from Tracy . Thank you so much Tracey !!! She made me a lovely table mat and there was a jasmine scented candle which made the whole parcel smell just divine! She also popped some PEZ lollies in there - must know I have a sweet tooth LOL

Now I really must get stuck into my PIF gifts for Vickie and Cath!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

My new toy!!

Yes I got a new machine!! Thanks to my very generous parents I can now have a Janome that can use a walking foot & qtr inch foot!! I am so excited LOL
The coolest thing about it is it has pink knobs and dials !!!!
Long weekend this weekend here in NSW so will see if I can squeeze some time in to play with my new toy!