Friday, March 30, 2012

Pre NUndle sewing

I did manage a bit of sewing before going to Nundle...........we had to make a paper pieced pincushion to swap with someone there.

 This was my pincushion which was randomly picked by Chookyblue LOL

And this was the lovely pincushion I received from Margaret from Champagne Quilters LOL

While I was making the pincushion I had a brilliant idea to make a new bag to take to Nundle, not very brilliant though as this was only the weekend before going!!
But I am glad I made it and I absolutely love it! The fabric and pattern were given to me from Diana in a swap last year, the bag is from a local girl to her and is a great pattern to make. And of course the fabric is Rounneries by French General, my all time favourite fabric!

I didn't buy much while in Nundle this year as Kerry was holding a bundle of the most gorgeous Ruby Flannels for me - I can't wait to make a shaggy quilt with these.
But I did buy just these few things....
very restrained I thought LOL

GDITC 2012

Soo last weekend was my annual road trip to Girls Day In The Country in Nundle NSW, about a 5.5hour drive from me. Fortunately this year I had a travel partner - Sandy - which was nice, makes the trip go so much quicker.We got their a bit late on the Friday due to wonderful Sydney traffic and lots of roadworks so we missed out on Show & Tell of all the Brilliant quilts these very talented ladies had made, but I did manage to get a quick snap of "nibbles on the lawn" before heading to dinner.
we headed off to dinner where it was great to catch up with everyone from previous years and NUndle "virgins" LOL

Our tutor for the weekend was Sue Daley, who makes magnificent quilts from English Paper Piecing and that evening she had a Trunk Show to tell her story and show off her designs.

The next day we woke up to a rather chilly Nundle....

But it turned into a glorious day and we had a lovely time in the Nundle hall!

 When I downloaded the photo above I noticed Deb waving LOL

Our table - I stole your pic Sandy LOL

We had 2 projects on the day designed by Sue Daley and they were both sewing keeps of different shapes. ONe used the clamshell paper piecing method and the other one used stars & hexagons. I did the clamshell one as that was the one that Sue was teaching mostly.

Our goody bags...........
 Morning tea............beautiful as always!

 Here is a pic of my work, I managed to get 3 rows of the clamshells done, heaps more than I have done in the last 2 years on the day LOL

Here are just some pics of Sue's work that she had on display..

And of course we had to have our annual bloggers photo - our group gets bigger every year!!

I really should tag everyone, will try to come back and put links to everyone's blogs.

Another great weekend, fantastic friends and even a little bit of sewing!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Post for March

I think I will just try to do monthly posts LOL
Things have been really hectic here, we have been house hunting which is really such a time waster! And not just time you spend looking at houses but mentally as well as things churn around in your head!! 
Anyhoo....I have been doing a bit of sewing.....I made this table runner for a friend for her birthday....

We had sewing group again and Glenda got her Jelly Roll quilt put together - looks fantastic - all fabrics from her stash

And I am also working on a project for next weekend.......I think I may have told you before I hate working on small fiddly things......well this one fits that description LOL. But I beat it and got it finished, not sure if it is up to scratch but will share a pic after next weekend

And speaking of next annual pilgrimage to  this place.............

Soo excited to catch up with these wonderful friends and many more!