Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Long time no post ...

Have been doing quite a bit of sewing, but can't show it on my blog yet !!
I have made mum this bag for her birthday, which I can show you though

Just to show how much sewing I have been doing, I was working on a quilt and using white cotton, which was running out. I didn't have any more white so was hoping it would last until the end. When I finished the quilt top, this is what was left on the thread spool!!!  Close call!!
And for those who think I don't like paper piecing, I have signed up for the Little Things Club with Sarah from Quilt Fabric delights. I saw the originals at Nundle and quite liked them....then Sarah was offering the club with gorgeous fabrics so how could I say no!!!
I got my first pack the other day....

Click to see full size image

I am on 3 weeks holidays form work now - YAY!! -  we are doing lots of work at home getting the house ready to put on the market in a few months time - and then next week we are heading up to the Sunshine Coast for a week for a break, really looking forward to that. Will have lots of clamshells to keep me busy while i am away now LOL

Take care,