Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sewing Retreat

Last weekend I got to go away for the weekend with my sewing buddies. We found a great near Nowra, very quiet and picturesque location.

I sewed a couple of zipper purses....not bad for my first attempt at zippers!

 I also made a start on this table runner for an overseas friend...

I made a start on a few other things but no finishes.....or photos!

There was also a bit of shopping involved....

And of course some delicious food!

Here are some pics of everyone else's sewing .....


 Great weekend with great friends! Thanks girls x

Monday, May 4, 2015

ready to go...

Shaggy quilt....snuggly and warm....fresh out of the dryer....ready to be delivered. Many months overdue....but better late than never!!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

secret sewing

For the last few months mum and I have been working on a quilt for my Aunty for a big 0 birthday.  We were in a yarn shop in Bowral and discovered it was a patchwork shop as well. I saw this range of fabric by French General, which most of you know is my favourite, and I thought immediately of my Aunty who loves blues. So we decided to make her.a quilt for her birthday. My Aunty lives in the UK but also lives in France for the I knew the range Le Bouquet Francais was perfect!!

Fortunately my parents were travelling to the UK for her birthday so we're able to deliver it in person.  

The beautiful quilting was done by the lovely Jewells


Saturday, April 11, 2015

testing out a new blogging app

 Lovely autumn colours on our drive to the Southern Highlands on Easter Monday.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

I am going on a bloggers weekend in 2 weeks so thought it might be a good idea to actually put something on my blog!

Life here has been busy as usual just with work and life in general. But I did manage to get a weekend away with the Sewing Sisters to Berry in October. It was a great weekend with lots of  sewing, eating, shopping, laughing, talking. I came away feeling very refreshed but that was short lived as I got food poisoning the night I got home. Not from the yummy food I ate while away but from the McD's burgers the boys brought home for dinner that night. It was very unpleasant and not something I want to get again! It took me over a week to feel right again!

Anyway, here are some pics from the weekend,
This is what happens when a bunch of quilters taken over the house...
Quilts and fabric laid out all over the floor

Hard at work!!

Piles of handmade bags...

 Lots of cool bags for transporting all the food we would need....there were more elsewhere!!

Hard at work again!!

Lois's quilt made out of her stash..

My shaggy quilt

Next shaggy quilt squares quilted ready to be put together....unfortunately since I have come home I have only managed to sew 2 rows together!!

Thanks for visiting!!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Goings on....

So there have been a few things going on around here..
I finally got a cupboard so I could empty all my craft stuff out of the plastic tubs. It looks so much neater! And it was fun going through it all also fun proving to Craig that Yes it would all fit in  one cupboard!! He was a doubter LOL

This pile of yumminess is being turned in to Shaggy Quilt....

I didn't go to the Quilt Show this year....after sorting out my stash into "the cupboard" I didn't want to go and be tempted with more "stuff"!!! But as some of my out of town friends were heading in for the Show I went into Darling Harbour and met them for dinner after they had been to the Show. 

I have also been to 2 High Teas....yes 2....hehe....

Craig and I headed down to Wollongong one very sunny but very cold day for fish & chips and a walk...

Oh, another pic from dinner at after the Quilt Show with Lea & Chooky

Oh and another pic from the 2nd High tea...was lovey catching up with friends........but oh the gluten overload!!

So things haven't been too quiet here and another busy week at work ahead and then the Camden Quilt show and a Baby Shower on Saturday!

Take care,

Friday, May 30, 2014

This week...

This week hasn't been too great.....on the way home from work on Tuesday my work mate and I were involved a 4 car pile up. We were the 3rd car so impact in the front and impact in the back. We are fine, no injuries, just a lot of soreness which has developed in the following few days. I was in my friends car and she was driving. The worst thing was being a nervous wreck driving to work the next day!!
The front of my friends car....the tow bar of the car in front went straight through the radiator!

This is the car that hit us in the back...she had a lot more damage as she was going faster. Not her fault....she came over a rise as the accident happen and couldn't avoid us. 

But we are all friend is just waiting to hear the verdict on her car. 

Today I did manage to do a bit of sewing with the borders sewn on this baby quilt and square table topper. Now to quilt them!!

Until next time!