Monday, July 28, 2014

Goings on....

So there have been a few things going on around here..
I finally got a cupboard so I could empty all my craft stuff out of the plastic tubs. It looks so much neater! And it was fun going through it all also fun proving to Craig that Yes it would all fit in  one cupboard!! He was a doubter LOL

This pile of yumminess is being turned in to Shaggy Quilt....

I didn't go to the Quilt Show this year....after sorting out my stash into "the cupboard" I didn't want to go and be tempted with more "stuff"!!! But as some of my out of town friends were heading in for the Show I went into Darling Harbour and met them for dinner after they had been to the Show. 

I have also been to 2 High Teas....yes 2....hehe....

Craig and I headed down to Wollongong one very sunny but very cold day for fish & chips and a walk...

Oh, another pic from dinner at after the Quilt Show with Lea & Chooky

Oh and another pic from the 2nd High tea...was lovey catching up with friends........but oh the gluten overload!!

So things haven't been too quiet here and another busy week at work ahead and then the Camden Quilt show and a Baby Shower on Saturday!

Take care,