Friday, July 13, 2012

What I'm working on today

And yes it does involve paper piecing!!


Am trying out doing a blog post on my phone!!
Will also show a pic from a bag I saw in a shop in Leura

I thought of you cardygirl when I saw this is made from all those felted balls you were buying at the quilt show to make necklaces with.
I would have had a better look at it but the sales lady spotted me taking a pic I think lol

Friday, July 6, 2012

Another great weekend!

A couple weeks ago I was invited by SandyN to join her and 2 of her stitching friends for a sewing weekend in the mountains. We had a great weekend sewing, eating, shopping and trying to stay warm LOL
Nice big house but it was VERY cold and hard to heat but it served our sewing needs well!

The view...

I worked on some blocks from the 2009 or 2010 FQ shop Mystery BOM - I managed to get another 2 done so now i have a grand total done of 5 out of 12 LOL
Each block takes me a couple of hours as there is a lot of making sure the cutting out is right and lot of fiddly sewing.
I also worked on some long term stitchery projects and my paper piecing. I got my clamshells finished from Girls Day In The Country but I don't think I will make the sewing keep, I think they might become a cushion.
I also glued all my elongated hexagons down and started sewing them together, can't find the photo though, think it might be on my phone. 

Sandy was working on her Some Kind Of Wonderful quilt which is coming along beautifully.

The other girls were busy at work on some quilt projects too.
Sandy & I went for a walk to the lookout to get some fresh air one day and came across some beautiful properties, including one with these gorgeous gated that reminded us of Kate's gates in her SKOW quilt. 

 Did I mention how cold it was....!!!

And of course we need a food pic!!!