Saturday, February 28, 2009

A lovely day out

Last Saturday we went out for the day with my parents and my aunty before she went back home to the UK.
We headed up the mountains and went to this great shop at Glenbrook called Primitive at Heart. What a fantastic store! I went there once before and it was called Candleberries but now it has a new owner and she is trying to change the focus of the store. She has a wonderful range of wool fabric, something that I don't see around here.

The lady who runs the store is lovely and let me take some pics, I told her I would put them on my blog for all to see LOL

We then headed further up the mountains to the Megalong Valley Tea Rooms for afternoon tea, where we enjoyed some yummy scones with blackberry jam & cream. I have to say that the black berry jam was nice but not as yummo as the one that I brought home from Nundle last year - and that is from someone who rarely eats jam!

Friday, February 27, 2009

No more sneak peeks

Ok, I can finally show you the full pics of the things I was making!

First is a table runner that I made for my aunty who was visiting from the UK. This was something light that could easily pack in her case. The pattern is a version of the table runner from the Moda Bake blog.

And second is the wall hanging I made for Rowan in the US for Heart themed swap we had in our CRAFT yahoo group. It only took 3 weeks to get to her! But not as long as hers is taking to get here, I still haven't received it! Hope it is not held up in customs!

BOM update

Ok, to be fair to the shop owner that the BOM is coming from, I received an email from her this morning.
She says she has emailed me twice a while ago as the payment wouldn't go through. I did not receive these emails and I checked my account on the website and she has my current email - AS WELL AS MY PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS!!!! Hmmmm.
I have confirmed credit card numbers with her and there is no problem with the funds so I don't know what is going on.
So she is going to try it again and I have told her to just send me the remaining 4 blocks and we can both be free of this drama!

It is such a shame that this has happened as she has lots of great BOMs but I will not be signing up for any of them LOL

Oh, I noticed she is not offering this one anymore - wonder why.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ho Hum....the saga of the BOM continues...

Well here we are, almost in March, and the last instalment I received was August last year.
So in 18 months I have received 6 patterns! The funny thing is, it is not a bundle of fabric that needs to be cut up in little pieces each month, it is just a pattern with a square of fabric for the stitchery and some thread! If they can't keep up with that, how on earth do they do something that involves a lot of fabric!!
So it is time to try the endless amount of emails and phone calls in the unlikely hope that someone will actually respond.
I am sorry if some reading this are offended by what I have said, as most of you know who I am talking about, but really I think I have been patient enough, and it has really left a sour taste with me. I am very wary of signing up for another BOM now with anyone.

Ok, rant over LOL

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

But wait...there's more....

Bet you thought that was all!!
I was also part of the the Bloggers Birthday Swap, organised by the lovely Maree at On My Verandah.

These are the lovely packages I had received when I took the photo. These are from Dale, Peg, Donna & Kristin. Thank you girls - I love them all!!

Since then I have received 2 beautiful pink & brown FQ's from Kate. And, the best news is, I still have one more to come - how great to have an extended birthday!!

Birthday goodies

Well I was very spoilt this year for my birthday, and mostly with sewing stuff - yay!

My mum made me this beautiful block roll - isn't it wonderful!

I am in a couple of Yahoo groups that have birthday swaps as well. In the CRAFT group we send 2 FQ's to each person on the birthday list and here are all the wonderful goodies from these lovely girls who have become great friends.

I took all the parcels with me and opened them with my mum & aunty at the hotel, so they got to see all the fabric. I don't think any of it made it into their bags LOL

In the other group, BackPorchFriends, there is a theme for the year and this year it was pink & brown, and there was a FQ from everyone in the swap. These fabrics are just so sweet together!

My birthday

As many of you already know, it was my birthday last Monday and what a lovely birthday it was! I went away for 2 days to Manly (seaside suburb of Sydney) with my mum & aunty who is visiting from the UK. When we left home it was pouring rain, but the closer we got to Manly it cleared up and there was a clear blue sky! We stayed at the lovely Sebel hotel right on the beach, unfortunately we didn't have an ocean view room ( double the price LOL) but we had a great balcony to sit out on.

The view at breakfast:

Our hotel room:

Views from North Head, Manly:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a quick post to let you know I haven't dropped of the face of the earth!!
Things have just been very hectic here with horrible weekly dentist visits, a visiting relative from overseas, my birthday and just the usual work and home duties LOL
Have a lot of pics to share with you, will work my way through them this week.
Bye for now!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sewing update

Well there has been a bit of a sewing drought here lately but the drought was broken yesterday when I sewed all afternoon and evening - no interruptions - it was great!

Unfortunately they were both for presents for people who read my blog so can only show you sneak peeks for now!