Sunday, August 30, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane....

No, not me, unfortunately!!
Last Tuesday I took my parents to the airport where they are off to Singapore for a week then on to the UK for about 5 weeks.
They flew to Singapore with their friends whose daughter lives in Singapore, just co-incidence that they all ended up going at the same time!
Please excuse my shocking photos - they were taken on my phone and I just can't get the settings right for indoor shots!
I found this cool place at the back of the airport where all the plane spotters go, so I sat and watched all the planes and waited for them to take off.
As I was in this part of the city, I just had to make a trip to The Remnant Warehouse at Alexandria. They used to be in Marrickville but have moved to Alexandria, nice big shop but absolutely shocking for parking!! Will not be going there again in a hurry unfortunately. Their prices were also not much cheaper than other patchwork shops but I did get some remnants for a great price and a cute Melly & Me pattern that I hadn't seen before.

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