Monday, April 14, 2008

It's the 14th again!!

Well the 14th has come around again so I will tell you about my mundane life LOL

My car is now finally in getting repaired but unfortunately that leaves me without a car! Nathan is away at camp for the week so he has his car and Tim has been driving his to work!
Today started at 4.30am when I had to get up to take Craig to the station (in Tim's car) to the station. Got home just after 5am and hopped straight back into bed!! Tim's alarm woke me up at 5.45am but I went back to sleep until my alarm went off at 6.45am. However I went back to sleep until 7.20am - so I jumped out out bed as I get picked up at 8am for work!! So I rushed around getting ready for work. On MOndays I work with my friend Laurel and as we live in the same suburb she picks me up and drives me. On the way we have to drop her foster daughter Ieshar at day care. Ieshar is a real cutie, a little obnoxious but just like any other 3 year old LOL
Got to work at 9.15am where the phone didn't stop ringing for about 1 hour. Then it was really quiet for a few hours so we got all our work done. Not a lot to do today, but we are still learning a new computer program so we run through a few things together.

Here are some pics of my office:

and this is my desk:

So work was work, got dropped home about 5.30pm. Craig had to get the bus home from the station (1st time for everything LOL) as Tim was still at work. The fish I had put in the fridge for dinner was still frozen so we thought we would just get take away but then realised we had no car LOL

We tried to contact Tim but he was having a bad run in the traffic trying to get home so was in a bad mood and wouldn't answer our calls LOL

So toasted sandwiches it was for dinner. Tim got home about 7.30pm, hand't had any dinner and was in such a bad mood he had a shower and went to bed LOL

Craig went to bed at 8.30pm as he gets up at 3.30am so here I am all on my own, watching Andrew Denton and reading my emails.

So just another boring day in the Life of Riley but tomorrow I have the day off and I am sewing YEAH!!!!!


Chookyblue...... said...

so long as you have the car back bye the girls day

susan said...

i was wondering what happened to you! glad your baby is being repaired but bummer about no car... i hate it when i dont have a car...not that i need to go anywhere but i feel so isolated and cut off. i cant walk anywhere out here except to the mailbox. now i got a new car, dh got for me but i make the payments. geez...i am almost 60 and never had a car payment in my life... :-)

Jenny said...

Fish takes forever to defrost doesn't it. I've been caught that way before.