Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pretend it is the 14th today!!

So I am a day late posting for the 14th of the month, but hey I only found out about it today!

Anywhere here goes:Alarm goes off at 6.30am but didn't get up until 6.45. Went out side and this was the view that greeted me - sunrise over suburbia!!
Put a load of washing on then jumped in the shower. Had my breaky of 2 boiled eggs and 1 piece of grain toast. I am trying to get back into my eggs for breaky instead of the high carb cereals.
Hung the load of washing out then got ready for work and left at 8am. Stopped at the Post office on the way to work as some models had arrived from the US.
Got to work at 9am and then did my work stuff , fortunately the phone was pretty quiet today. Went for a little walk at lunch time and bought a salmon & salad lebanese wrap for lunch.
Finished my work in the afternoon, trying to get everything finalised as we are changing over to a new computer program on Monday. For those of you who don't know, I work in the head office of a medical practice. We are a diagnostic centre for women's incontinence issues. In my office we take all the bookings for our 7 clinics, do all the accounts and Medicare billing for the patients form all clinics. So basically the hub of our company. I work MOnday, Weds, Thurs & every other Friday. I work on my own except for Monday when I work with Laurel, who I job share with.
Got home at 5.30pm, Craig working until 7pm, Nathan helps out at kids club on Friday arvos then stays there for youth group so he wasn't home, Tim was home but was going out to youth group. So he got his own dinner and I would have dinner with Craig when he got home. I don't often cook on Friday nights so after I picked Craig up from the station, we went and picked up take away from the Italian place, veal with dianne sauce and steamed veges. It was delicious! Spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the lounge with my laptop and watching Flight Plan with Jodie Foster.
Nathan came home about 11pm and we had a discussion about Centrelink ( he is learning about dealing with a government dept LOL) then went to bed.
So that was my day, pretty boring!!


Jan said...

Hey, its nice to see how people spend their day. I enjoyed reading about yours. Jan

tamlovesran said...

I enjoyed the peek into your day. It didn't sound boring to me. I love seeing how other families function. I've posted my day too.


Karen Mallory said...

Hey! Isn't it great to have a nice comfortable life! It has been a while since I have read your blog Anita. It is comming along nicely! Love the little friendship quilt you made for Eefje. Really glad you liked you doll! Some great pics too!
hugs Karen