Friday, March 21, 2008

Holiday Friday!

So it is Good Friday today and I am so looking to having today and Monday off work! Unfortunately Craig only has today off and is working for the rest of the weekend. Had a much needed sleep in and then we went for a late lunch to a new restaurant near us Pancakes on the Rocks. It was originally a restaurant in the beautiful Rocks area of Sydney but has opened up a few restaurants in the outlying areas. So that was really yum!

We then went for a drive to a lookout about 40 mins from here and this was the view

Can you believe it!!! This was all we could see!! LOL. The fog had come in and we couldn't see a thing! Normally you would be able to see this extremely expansive valley and water catchment area, but today NOTHING!! We had a good laugh as did everyone who drove up.

So then we drove home the scenic way and checked out some new land releases in semi rural areas. Would love to live somewhere like that one day but not while I am working. Would add so much more time to my commute. One day maybe!

I also received 2 parcels in the mail this week. One was my Spring Swap from Shirley in the UK.

In the parcel there was some fabric, some beads and some stamping supplies - great pics Shirley, thanks heaps! OH and some choccies of course!!!

And the second parcel was from Tammy for my birthday, I love the blue in them, kind of a royal blue, much nicer than in the pic.

Tomorrow I plan on doing some organising of my stash. I bought some new plastic crates that roll under the bed, unfortunately I don't have a craft room so that is where I must keep my stash. I'm sure I will have no trouble in filling them up LOL

Enjoy your Easter everyone!!!


Vickie said...

funny how that darn fog just creeps in hey....woohooo Anita lovely swap items there,not being a blue person myself-I will admit that blue does look nice,
cheers Vickie

Chookyblue...... said...

nice presents, shame about the fog and I have a new stash of plastic boxes to get things organised with..........

Sharon-NZ said...

love the swap items, very cool indeed


susan said...

isnt that the way it is, lets go for a nice drive...and it rains, fog or snow...the sun has been out but with temps around 20 in the day and zero at night, not a whole lot of melting going on. i really like you do you get multiple photos...i can only manage one at a time. i moved last may from kauai where i lived for about 35 years now i live in da UP, the upper pennisula of michigan which is actually on top of wisconcin and surronded by three of the great lakes. very beautiful up different from kauai