Monday, September 26, 2011

Part 2

So after the hike we went across the road to the Farmers Market in the Community College. Was great to see some local produce there some of the food looked delicious. We bought a fresh pineapple as the pineapples there were sooooo sweet and juicy compared to the ones we have here.

There were some amazing plants there too, we were going to get some to enjoy in our hotel room but we went to get something to eat first and then forgot!

After the market we bussed it back to our hotel with our Crusty Baguette and cheese to have a bit of a rest and clean up.

Later in the afternoon we headed down to Waikiki do do some shopping and some dinner. We did a fair bit of shopping here too, best buy of the day was all the Quiksilver and RipCurl Tshirts for $20 - normal price - we are getting severely ripped off here! The guy that served me in the Quiksilver shop could not believe that we pay $45 for these Tshirts, now he understands why the Aussies spend up big there LOL

For dinner we went to the Cheesecake Factory.........we had many recommendations for this place and it did not disappoint!! There is usually a wait to get in so we put our name down, collected our pager and went down the street to keep shopping!
The menu was huge, very hard to decide what to eat. We shared this entree, fried macaroni cheese! I would have to say this was probably the most non diet food I ate in the whole trip LOL.........but it was delicious!! I could have just eaten this but we had already ordered our meals. I didn't get a picture of mine but it was huge.........beef/onions/mushrooms/with mash and gravy.......I don't even think I ate half of it LOL

 This was our view from the outdoor eating area of the restaurant - Macys!!

 This was Craig's meal, it said Parmesan & herb chicken with a lemon sauce - it was 3 huge schnitzels!! He ate about half LOL

 Of course you couldn't go to the Cheesecake Factory without having cheesecake but we just got 2 slices to take back to the hotel, I think we ate them over the next couple of days! Sorry no photos but there were very yummy!
When we left this was part of the queue to put their name on the list to wait!! very popular place.

Just down the road was this Ferrari shop with all things Ferrari - Craig went in there while I went in Macys LOL

We then bussed it back to our hotel, what an exhausting day!!!

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Shiralee Stitches said...

Just beautiful flowers, Anita...I love, you were busy....did you hit the beach in that 'kini we spoke about, or did you keep this pace up all the time?