Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Shower

The last 2 weeks have been chaotic here with shower renovations and preparations for a holiday. The shower turned out to be a bigger job than we expected. We had someone come in and redo the shower but Craig had to replace the door frame and some of the frame inside the wall that had been soaked through from the water that had been leaking. The slab is still quite wet so we still have part of an open wall into our bedroom. Some of the gyprock had been soaked as well, so that had to come off and will need to be replaced. That is going to have to wait until we come home from holidays. Once the wall is redone, we will have to repaint the bedroom (finally, have been after this for ages!) and the carpet replaced. At this stage we have just cut out the patch of ruined carpet and put an offcut over it. SO still some work to come! But we are off on holidays on Monday so will be able to relax then LOL

This is what the shower recess looked like after the tiles and wall were ripped out, that open wall is into our bedroom. You can see a bit of wood coming down that doesn't reach the floor, well that was the door frame and it was all rotted away. You can see how soaked the concrete slab is.

This is what it looks like now on the bedroom side. We have just covered this up with plastic for now until we can get to repair the wall properly.

Here is a pic of the new tiles, we tried to match up with what we had but they were 21 years old so matched up as close as we could to colour. But we picked out this gorgeous mosaic border tile which I love.

The floor, you can see we had to get bigger tiles that what was originally there ( you can see the original tiles that are on the floor). The colour is a little darker but blends in quite nicely.
I also had this little foot rest put in so you can rest your foot on when you are shaving your legs - how cool!Oh and these pics were taken before we have cleaned up the tiles properly, the tiler didn't even do that!


Khris said...

aggghhhhh....It looks so much better now...hugs Khris

Diana said...

The new shower looks terrific Anita, the tiles are really nice and yep, brilliant idea that foot stool.
Hugs, Diana

Melissa said...

It looks very nice! Good work!

Sharon-NZ said...

I want your bathroom, love the foot rest idea.......

Sharon's Place said...

wow what a difference guys did a great job!
Sharon 2