Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Catching up..

Well here it is, Christmas Eve in Oz, a lovely cool day after a hot humid day yesterday. Christmas day is forecasted to be about 27degrees - so just perfect!

Yesterday I had Christmas with my family as my brother and family and aunty & family were all in Sydney at one time.
We had a great day catching up, and meeting some extended members of the family for the first time.
The Palombos:
Lochie opening his present:Lochie trying out his new skates, thanks to Aunty Anita's choice of skates for a present we had an upturned table, a grazed elbow and lots of embarrassment to Lochie while he tried to figure them out!!Shenee's present:Most of the gang:Tim catching a few ZZZ's:

Nathan:Mum & Aunty Monica catching up on all the latest:Graham (my brother), Michelle, Shenee & Lachlan:

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