Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Birthday

Ok, I am letting you all on a secret, it was my birthday on Saturday the 16th!

I am in a birthday swap in my Yahoo group and recieved all these wonderful goodies!!

Craig and I went down to the beach to have lunch and on the way stopped of at a place called Cataract Dam. It is part of the water catchment area for the Sydney basin and the water levels have been down to around 30%. With all the rain we have had this year so far, the dam is now at 99% capacity. I still don't think they are going to lift our water restrictions though LOL

This photo is taken from the top of the dam and is off the jet letting some water out.

This photo is the top of the dam wall:You can see there is not much room to the top of the dam wall that is why they are letting some out.


Jeanne said...

That's a nice table full of goodies! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I wish you many more.

Chookyblue...... said...

Happy belated birthday......great fat quarters.......

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for the 16th. What a stash of goodies. It must have been fun opening them.