Friday, February 15, 2013


So now things have settled down a bit here I gave started getting back into cooking again. For Christmas I got some new cookbooks ....Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals and Fast Eds Under 1hour meals.

This is the Pesto Pasta from Jamie ....,was delicious!! We also tried the steak chimmichurra but that was too hot for me!!!

We tried Ed's Mexican rissoles....that was another winner here.


Susan said...


creativedawn said...

Well, I have to say ALL of your dishes look really scrumptious! Looks awesome good.


Anonymous said...

Ooo yum yum

Too many eggs said...

Ohh the Pesto past looks great, i got that book for christmas as well, will have to try that one out

Jenny said...

That all looks so like in the book. very nice