Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 6 - around the island

We bussed it again today, first top was the Dole Pineapple Plantation - yes a big tourist trip - but beautiful gardens. We just went in and had a look around the gardens and had a dole whip. We found it quite sweet but the pineapple was delicious!!

Next stop was Haliewa town and here we got off the bus a bit too early and ended up walking a fair way to the main town bit. It was quite a bit hotter here than down in Waikiki but not unbearable. Had a little wander round in the shops then had some lunch in Kua Aina Sandwich shop - a very delicious teryaki chicken sandwich.

Back on the bus to Lanikea beach to see the turtles - this was fantastic!! There were 2 huge turtles on the beach and we also saw another one swimming in the surf.

Back on the bus then got off at Waimea Bay  We stayed here for a couple of hours and had a swim in the gorgeous water and a bit of a sunbake. We really liked it here and would love to spend a day here.

Back on the bus to try to find Sunset Beach. Again we got off the bus too early LOL, and ended up walking a fair way. AFter getting home and looking at the map we realised we were at the Bonzai pipeline and then walked all the way up to Sunset Beach. We sat at the pipeline for a while and watched some surfers then walked up the beach and then on the path that went through the houses just behind the beach. Some great houses there right on the beach that we would love to rent for a couple of weeks!

We eventually found Sunset beach ( or we think it was) and it was just as the sun was starting to move down so the view was stunning

We didn't want to get caught in the dark so we kept walking until we found Ted's Bakery - we shared a Lemon Chicken plate and a Chocolate Haupia pie and a malasada. All were delicious and were glad that we shared the meal! Sorry no pics was a bit tired by this stage LOL
We did see a bit more of the top part of the island past Turtle Bay on the bus back before it got dark. Took about 1.5 hours to get back but it was good to see a little bit more of the island, even if it was dark LOL


Shiralee Stitches said...

OMG....stay away from the pineapple if that's what it does to your figure, Anita!!!! fun photo!!!....I've had another lovely day with you in Hawaii, those turtles shots are fantastic, the beaches look idyllic, and you certainly know how to jam a heap in one day.....

Khris said...

Fantastic pics...okay so I wanna go to Hawaii
Hugs Khris