Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well after my bragging in the last post - I discovered a mistake!!
I was sitting having my breakfast on Monday and the blocks were draped over one of the dining chairs and I was admiring them (as you do LOL) and I realised I had sewn one of the stitchery blocks on back to front!! It's the little snail block - if it was any of the larger blocks I think I would have noticed it as the back of my work is not too tidy! I just can't believe I had sewn it all together and even ironed it without noticing LOL

So I got to use my new unpicker from Dawn Hay in our swap and I had to do a bit of repair work!!

all fixed now!!

And for those family that read my blog, we went out for dinner on Monday night to our favourite Thai restaurant as my brother and family were passing through Sydney on their way back to Canberra from holidaying on the wet Gold Coast!


Flutterby Angel said...

Hi Anita
Don't worry about the snail.....sounds like something I would do....LOL
I was cutting out a new quilt yesterday and made a big mistake with the cutting - bit expensive too!!!
Take care

Jo Jo said...

Oops! At least you spotted it in time. It looks lovely...xoxox

Anonymous said...

I hadn't even noticed, Anita! Thank goodness you spotted it before it was quilted!!

simplestitches said...

that's something I would do...good pickup before finishing it completely!
cheers Julz

Chookyblue...... said...

Lucky-1 said...

Oh what a grand oops!!! Love it:)

My biggest oops was when I was pregnant with my now pregnant 25 yr old daughter. It was late at night and I wanted to finish a lacy jacket I was knitting & sewing together.

All done and I woke my hubby to show him and I of the sleeves had been sewn on....inside out!!!!

I now use safety pins and pin the article being sewn together piece by piece and double check.

Your quilt is stunning...congrats on making it.


Vickie said...

love your oops...least you noticed it before you had gone too much further....great that you had a meal with your brother,cheers Vickie

Khris said...

Well that stitching must be pretty damn neat then...hugs Khris