Friday, February 27, 2009

BOM update

Ok, to be fair to the shop owner that the BOM is coming from, I received an email from her this morning.
She says she has emailed me twice a while ago as the payment wouldn't go through. I did not receive these emails and I checked my account on the website and she has my current email - AS WELL AS MY PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS!!!! Hmmmm.
I have confirmed credit card numbers with her and there is no problem with the funds so I don't know what is going on.
So she is going to try it again and I have told her to just send me the remaining 4 blocks and we can both be free of this drama!

It is such a shame that this has happened as she has lots of great BOMs but I will not be signing up for any of them LOL

Oh, I noticed she is not offering this one anymore - wonder why.

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trasha said...

My mother has also had a saga with B.O.M.s and payment issues where there should be none! Is it something in the water do you think?