Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shoulder verdict...

I saw the specialist today and got the results from the MRI and Xray I had done on my right shoulder. It appears there is a rough patch on one of my shoulder bones as well as boney sticky out bit (LOL) on another bone. These are causing the tendons to inflame when they move over the bone. There is calcification of the tendons and inflammation.
Sooo, today I had a cortisone injection(OUCH!). In 6 weeks time we will see if it has had any effect. If not I will need to have keyhole surgery to smooth out these bones and remove the calcification. Even if i don't have the surgery now, I will eventually have to have it. This injection is just a bandaid solution to delay surgery.
Surgery will mean 6 weeks in a sling and no driving and preferably no work. Then 3-6 months recover if all goes well.
Too much down time for this working woman! But if it has to be done then it has to be done, just need to accrue more sick leave LOL


Sweet P said...

I had the same problem four years ago. The surgery was a breeze. I was only in a sling for a couple of weeks. I was in physical therapy for nearly 9 months but that's because I had other back issues that slowed down the therapy. I also had a cortisone shot before the therapy, but it didn't help. I haven't had any shoulder problems since then.

Good luck on your shoulder! I'll send some positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Jo Jo said...

Ouch! is correct...I am so scared of needles especially those BIG ones is not a good feeling! I hope it brings you some relief...dont hold your breath mine didn't. Fingers crossed it goes well for you Anita. You have to be ok for Nundle!!!! Jo x

judy said...

good luck with the shoulder. I too have had shoulder surgery- very frustrating times ahead Im afraid! Good luck hopefully its not as bad as they think. I really enjoy reading your blog. thanks judy