Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Cyber Stitching Day!!

Well there are certainly a lot of Cyber Stitchers out there! I bet Karen didn't realise how popular it would be.

Here is a pic of our goody parcel for the Cyber Stitchers day, can't wait to get stuck into some of these gorgeous stitcheries!! I won't be doing any of it today, I am going to set aside a day to sew with my mum (she joined up too) in the next couple of weeks as she is away at the moment.

The Cyber Stitching day has been organised by Mrs Martins Quilt Shop - pop over to her blog for more pics and info. By the way it is a great blog to keep up with at any time, has some great products and the service is always friendly!!

Take a look at Peg's blog for pics of the Cyber Stitching party she is hosting today.

I did do some stitching last night, a little stitchery called "Simple Stitchings - Flower Petals" by Hatched & Patched, a little kit I bought at Kerry's shop at Nundle.

And lastly LOL just some pics of a sunriseI snapped one morning last week when I was up early LOL


Lissa Jane said...

you know Anita, I had planned to do the cyber stitching but forgot to order the stuffs! LOL how dubbo am I???
I do own that book thought got it at Darling Harbour and looked at it and promptly filed it! LOL
I have put my name down for the girls day out in Nundle, so if you are hoping to get a travelling companion, let me know!

who can talk the leg off an iron pot!

Jodie said...

Lovely sunrise, more of a sunset kinda girl myself. Have fun with the cyber stitch, great that you can do it with your mum. Saw Lissapoos comment, lookout if she comes too, would love to meet her. Am seriously planning to go again next year. Memories of that LONG drive home are fading!

Anonymous said...

How nice to make it for another day that you and your Mum can do it together. Look forward to see your projects.