Monday, January 7, 2008

Goodies received

I forgot to post these pics at Christmas time, Oh well, better late than never!

This bundle of goodies is from an Advent swap in the C-R-A-F-T yahoo group. We each had a partner and had to send 24 little gifts and 1 bigger gift to be opened 1 each day from the 1st December. This is the stash of goodies I received from Marg, minus the lollies that I ate LOL

The lollies in the tray are not part of the swap, they were just on the table lol

This next pic is of the vintage style apron and magazine I received in the blogland Secret Santa Swap. This came from Paula in the US - thanks Paula!!

The following pic is of a slice that I made for our Christmas indulgence LOL. It is a choc malt brownie slice from a recipe given by Lissa. It was very sweet but very nice !!!!


Paula said...

You're very welcome, Anita! Happy 2008...

Sew Prim Khris said...

Hey Marg made those when I went back to Qld for our visit. Hugs, Khris

Lissa Jane said...

oh that slice looks soooo wicked.. I haven't made it yet! LOL