Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Workplace

Ok, in our C-R-A-F-T last week, some of the girls were posting pics as they went about their daily life.

Well I kept forgetting to take pics but here are some of where I work. Not very exciting I know but hey I spend a lot of time there LOL
I work in a medical practice and this is the front counter - my desk. The colour is not very good in the photo, the wall in the background is a plum/purply colour.

The waiting room

My desk:


Anonymous said...

Hey great to see where you work Anita. Somehow I don't think my boss would have let me take a pic of the jail I was working in...LOL
Hugs, Khris

Karen Mallory said...

Hey it is nice to see your workplace. Like you said it is a big part of your life and of course us nosy CRAFT girls want to see it all! LOL
Just waiting for my ride to take me to retreat so checking blogs!
hugs Karen

Vickie said...

that desk is way tooo neat Anita...heheheh..cheers Vickie